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36 MILLION VS 52 BILLION: and what if Mickey Mouse could solve the migrations’ problem?

December 15, 2017
Today some news about the way we are facing world’s emergencies just makes us smile.
After the ridiculous so-called Marshall Plan for Africa of two weeks ago – 44 billion in seven years? –, today during the umpteenth European meeting, the Visegrad group – Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland – is offering the EU’s Trust Fund 36 million euros to help Italy with the migrations’ problem and the Libyan situation. Maybe these four countries just want to apologize for having welcomed no refugees. Not one of them.
Just to make it clearer: four European nations are putting on the migration table – a terrifying phenomenon for Europe and for the world – 9 million euros each. A nickel-and-dime sum. Even insulting for a nation.

And today The Walt Disney Company is giving to Murdoch 52.4 billion to buy Fox – which owns Sky!
In other words, Mickey Mouse, to keep on entertaining us, is investing 15k times more than four European countries, which are offering money to face a continent’s humanitarian and demographic disaster, which is risking collapsing and politically destroying Europe.
What if we entrusted Europe to Mickey Mouse?

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