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The brake of politics and the economic stagnation.

December 22, 2017
Africa has always been on the margins of globalization’s banquet. We are talking about a giant from a territorial point of view – 30% of Earth – but about a tiny creature from the economical point of view. In facts, Africa is worth 3% of world’s GDP. Almost as worth as Italy.
In last years, Africa’s growth has affected mainly areas which are rich in resources or which are politically important, but has left the rest of the continent out.
China has been the only country to understand Africa’s potentialities. While the rest of the world was dealing with Cold war and, then, with Thaw, China invested in countries rich in resources, buying goods and paying for the creation of infrastructure and for the opening of new factories.
Although Africa is a continent “on the move”, it has some strong brakes, which tend to stop its development and the chance of growing, practically and globally.
First, politics – another exploding evidence. In lots of African countries, politics hasn’t managed to affect social programmes of recovery for the country, as it is so absorbed by the fact of defending oligarchies. In lots of countries – almost half of the continent – which called themselves “democratic”, politics is like a football match with its fans and team’s supporters, and not an instrument to make people agree with a reformist platform.
A team wins and takes the pot, but the country loses.
Because of young people, weak signals of awakening and some possibilities for a breakthrough are coming into sight.
It seems like they are not talking of ethnicity anymore, but of sociality and employment.
A feeble light at the end of the tunnel?

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