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Africa is on the move, but has powerful brakes.

February 12, 2018
McKinsey Global Insitute’s second report is entitled “Lions on the move: realizing the potential of African economies”. And if McKinsey states that the lion is on the move, that the potential is real, we must believe it.
And in facts Africa is moving.
However, after having extolled the future of a continent on the move, McKinsey’s report concludes by saying: «Governments will have to play a stronger role in unleashing renewed dynamism. Six priorities emerge from this research: mobilize more domestic resources, aggressively diversify economies, accelerate infrastructure development, deepen regional integration, create tomorrow’s talent, and ensure healthy urbanization. Delivering on these six priorities will require the vision and determination to drive far-reaching reforms in many areas of public life – and capable public administration with the skill and commitment to implement such reforms».
Six fundamental conditions which the real development of the continent depends on. Therefore, the opportunity for Africa of being on the move is depending on interventions by the government and the elimination of things that slow the development down. But unfortunately, as we are going to see in the coming weeks, these changes couldn’t be easily achieved in the adequate ways and times.
Africa has been taken on the margins of the big globalization ball for too long, eating breadcrumbs and serving tables.
Six goals and a development which, at the moment, are still unreachable…

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