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Africa is less worth than France… How can it be possible?!

February 27, 2018
Africa produces only 2,328 billion dollars. 738 of them, almost a third, come from northern countries, the most advanced ones in terms of industry and trade – except for Libya.
The remaining part of this wealth, 1,509 billion, is produced in about 44 sub-Saharan countries and, even in this case, is not a homogenous situation: Nigeria, which is the pushing force both economic and demographic, produces a third of the wealth.
Even per capita incomes – 1,846 dollars a year, about 5 dollars a day for each African person, including children – create a similar imbalance. Therefore, almost half of Africa’s population hardly manage to earn 2 dollars a day, being below extreme poverty line.
An unacceptable situation, if thinking about the continent’s potentialities and its richness in resources and working force.
Today Africa is as worth as France, which produces about 2,400 billion dollars a year, but which is inhabited by only 65 million people, whom per capita income is about 37,000 dollars. Italy achieves 1,850 billion a year, with 60 million inhabitants and 30,000 dollars of per capita income.
This means that each Italian earns 16 times an African.

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