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We write “slums”, we read “hell”.

May 17, 2018
When talking about population growth, an element is very important: in Africa 70% of people who are going to move from the countryside to cities won’t find a place to live in structured urban areas and will enter slums like a flood.
As founders of a charity which has been working in Kenya for 10 years, we know this situation quite well, as we work in Korogocho, Dandora and Kariobangi areas.
After every single journey and after every concluded project, we wonder a lot about the context we decided to work in and some of our questions are still unanswered.
In these 10 years of projects in Nairobi, we have seen little improvements inside slums: some new roads, some more stable house, some new electric connections.
But the substance has not changed at all: houses are the same, quality of life is identical, poverty remains.

Kenya’s capital has 10 main slums and one of them, Kibera, has the distinction of being the biggest and most crowded in Africa, with about 1 million inhabitants.
The fact that in the future 70% of urban population – about 2 billion people – will live inside slums is unbelievable.
And it is even harder to imagine that these billions of people, that will be twofold today’s Chinese population, could end up living in terrible life conditions.
Maybe suburbs will live a new expansion, but figuring out slums that will be so crowded, makes us feel dizzy.

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