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August 30, 2018
Yesterday at home I had a little discussion about immigration, just while Salvini was meeting Orban. Relaxed mood, no excesses, no racism.
However, even if I wrote a book about Africa – the biggest basin of immigration towards Europe – yesterday I couldn’t find arguments to justify the present atmosphere which is spreading out in Italy.

Let’s start from racist slogans: “Immigrants out!”, “No more negroes!”. These are statements which come out from lots of people’s mouths and which explain it all. And what can you answer? And how?
By making a long and boring speech like Veltroni’s one on La Repubblica? Or by making a tepid declaration saying that we need immigration, but only a little bit of it? Or by making a moral declaration against egoism?
No, nothing of the kind! Unfortunately, to “No more negroes” you must answer “I want more negroes”. And then you lose, because you can’t say that. And because it would be wrong.
People fighting against racism conquering Italy don’t have strong arguments which they can turn into slogan. And today we live on slogans.
Widening our horizons, if racism spreads out – remember the Jews – our values and our rights will disappear and our isolation will increase.
Our country needs immigrants, because of a demographic need, of the balance of INPS and of jobs which we don’t do anymore, and which they are willing to do. With no immigrants, in 30 years there are going to be 40 million of us, old and unable to make our country work.
Talking about values, today there is an impressive fear of “the other”, which is a consequence of middle class’ impoverishment, caused by globalization; people who are scared can’t understand this reasoning and, even if they manage to understand it, they don’t give a damn.
People fear to have less money and less future than their parents and blame all this on the “black man”, because, with political “art”, powerful people make and allow them to believe this. But the step to other fears is easy for terrified people: fear of different people, fear of the future, fear of the government not protecting them, fear of all. And today these fears are increasing, while, on the contrary, things they are scared about are diminishing: today we have less immigration, less murders and less robberies; what is increasing, instead, is protection and safety.
But it’s propaganda, showing you what powerful people want to show you! It’s social media, which all of us look greedily at, but which tell us lots of lies! They tell us that nothing’s going to be right and that we must be scared. They are negative – except for posts showing dogs and kids!
And then there’s isolation: if you close your doors to the world, you are not going to do business with others. If you open your doors to Orban’s and Putin’s eastern Europe, you can’t have economic chances: one third of Italian economy is based on exportations and half of this third is dealt with western Europe. If we start to close our borders, they are going to close them back to us. We would lose the only innovative area we have, that is made-in-Italy products. And our GDP would go and fuck itself.
Therefore, our political possible future is terrifying, but I can’t find the right slogan to fight “No more negroes”.
I know I’m right and that lots of people agree with me, but I can’t find the words to sum up my reasoning.
Maybe “Enough with racism and fascism” is a first attempt summing up both moral and economic aspects. It seems a weak slogan to me, but I’ll save it for the moment. I know that last Tuesday Milan raised its head and so I know that there is still hope.

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