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Kenya’s strenghts.

September 28, 2018
We have talked about Kenya’s problems and aspects which could and should be improved; anyway, Kenya has also positive qualities which could make economy take off.

Agriculture, for example, is particularly strong: they export tea, maize, coffee and cut flowers, especially roses – this country is the biggest roses’ producer in the world. Agriculture is worth almost 30% of total GDP, although production depends on small farmers, dealing with problems caused by climate and conflicts. This sector, if it was enforced in an aware way, could offer big benefits to local population.
The fish industry seems to be more organized and involves 80,000 people. If we take into consideration breeding, production and distribution, it involves about 2 million people.
We must not ignore the importance of tourism: the country is one of the most popular destinations of African tourists, with its natural parks hosting the Big Five and its expanses of fine sand and clear sea – well known by those millions of Italians choosing Malindi and Mombasa to relax during their holidays.
Kenya doesn’t own many raw materials, except for petroleum they have just found. It doesn’t earn much by exporting, not as much as Congo, Nigeria, Angola and Sudan, which have their petroleum and other raw materials being worth even 90% of their national productions.
An important sector is that of real estates, being worth 7.8%, which, added to that of construction at 4.8%, shows us that investments in housing sector are very common – especially in Nairobi and in Mombasa – and that the city’s middle class is starting to have enough money to move to better areas, with paved roads and decent houses.
Another important sector is the financial one, being worth 6.7% and about to become one of the development engines of Kenya and all East Africa.
Education and information are two growing sectors too, as we have already seen; the growth of these two fields is a signal of a society which is on the move.

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