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Interview at Rome Business School

October 11, 2018
Today I want to share my interview published on Rome Business School website; the school is a managerial training and research institute, placed in Rome.
This excellent school and Exploding Africa met thanks to the shared idea of looking at the future by talking also about Africa, and by discussing about and with the continent also from a managerial and economic point of view. In facts, the school organizes events and meetings between Italian and African managers and politicians, sich as the “Italia – Africa Business Forum 2016” – during which I had the idea of writing Exploding Africa book.
The school, as we can read of their website, “opens its doors to the world to promote the professional development of students, professionals and entrepreneurs, to whom it provides top level competency, together with an ethical and socially responsible mindset both as professionals and individuals”.
You can read the interview by clicking here.

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