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Business? Export to Kenya.

October 31, 2018
National wellness will be achieved also thanks to enterprising processes and some of them are already active in the capital.
If we were Italian producers, we would try and export to and do business in Kenya. In facts, we could expect good results in next 20 years. As we have seen, the country and its population are growing, and the development course is already on the move – the opposite of what is happening in the rest of the continent.
When you are in Nairobi, assisted by Italian institutions efficiently supporting all countrymen in Kenya, you have someone having your back while you are in the centre of a market which can get rich and offer consumption’s guarantees.
In Kenya, the field having more chances is that of food: Kenyans love Italian recipes and food. Because of this awareness and of a ten-year experience, we had the idea, for example, of creating an Italian Food school for boys and girls benefiting from our Alice for Children projects. Lots of teenagers finish secondary school and find themselves alone while facing their future, because their studies don’t guarantee a job to them. Some of them, whether they are supported by our projects or can afford it, are pushed to attend secondary school, because, as it happened in Italy in the 1960’s, attending secondary school gives teenagers a bigger security, even if then it is compulsory for them to go on with the studies, if they want to find a good job.
From all this, it came the idea of creating a Kenyan food academy with three-year professional courses of catering and beverage. The study plan includes some lessons on Italian food and the courses will end up with a year of specialization – the real academy – with Italian professors and workshops by famous chefs. To export ingredients, talents and skills. This is the challenge.

Some students of Italian Food Academy.

It’s not only Italian food: Italian architecture, furniture, mechanics, agriculture industry and fashion are really appreciated, too. The export’ and business’ potential is enormous.
But it is necessary to give some advice to interested companies: in Africa life is tough, frauds are around the corner and times are enlarged. “Pole, pole” they say in Kiswahili, “Slowly”.
Therefore, it is necessary to be patient and know this land, moving within this growing market, in a trustful but not naive way.

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