Communication, politics and solidarity: this is Diego Masi.
Having started working in Advertising, in 1972 he founded “Promotions Italia”, that was the first Promotion Marketing Agency in Italy, and then became president of ASSOCOM, the main association of all communication agencies.
He was also involved in politics: from town hall member of Milan for two terms (1985-1993) to the Italian National Parliament being president of one of the parliamentary group of deputies and Vice-Minister of Internal Affairs for Immigrations.
Been president of Action Aid Italy for 6 years, now he is chairman of Alice for Children by Twins International, an Ngo that operates in the slums of Nairobi to help vulnerable children and Agricola Pro Bono that collects fresh food to deliver it to soup Kitchens.
As an author, he published books such as “Go green- a way to green communication”; “Expo 2015; the Italian challenge”; “From predators to entrepreneurs- corporate giving and social Innovation” and finally “Exploding Africa” on the future of the continent.
And this is the book we want to talk about through this blog. We would like to share its contents with all people interested in having news and data about Africa and its present situation.
Africa is a continent on the move and is going to be a realty in Europe and Italy’s next future. We will try to understand how this situation is going to evolve, what will be the consequences for Africa and for us and what solutions can be found to some cruxes such as immigration and economic development.