Exploding Africa book

In these years, Africa has been on newspapers’ pages, in lots of people’s minds and one of governments’ worries, especially because of migrations, one of the most scaring and discussed subjects in last years.
Therefore, Africa is current affairs. We talk a lot about it, but we know little about it.
With this book, the author wants to make Africa real, not only for its past, but especially for its future and the analysis is based on recent data and accurate projections.
Africa could be really positively exploding, for itself and for the world. Africa is very rich in raw materials, in arable land, in sun and wind and water as renewable energies, in local modern technology, in creativity.
But demography, poverty, economy, urbanization, lack of work, of services and of a skilled political class are all elements which could turn Africa into a negatively explosive continent and result in a furious and huge immigration, in lots of new terroristic hotbeds and in a poverty’s humanitarian tragedy.

Europe and especially Italy lie opposite to this powder keg and this possible nightmare and have a real political problem: they should plan a strategic “adoption” of Africa, investing in a strong industrial collaboration and avoiding all random helps.

This book is meant to be a first attempt to start a debate.

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