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African demographic growth… some terrorizing figures.

February 5, 2018
United Nations and Population predict that in 2100 Africa will have 4.3 billion inhabitants. It’s not a joke. At the end of the century almost 40% of the human beings on Earth will be African.
An unbelievable proportion!
In Africa, 150,000 people are born every day, and, in a year, they reach 54 million. A development which will never be more exploding.
A scaring demographic curve, especially if we compare population growth with the ability of local governments to develop personal services, working opportunities, medical assistance. Not to mention infrastructure: with this demographic growth, the huge African megalopolis – already crowded and having logistic difficulties – will have to welcome millions of people looking for opportunities. In 2100, there will be 4.3 billion Africans, 4.9 billion Asiatic, 720 million Latins and 1.6 billion Europeans, North Americans and Oceanians all together.
These are figures that, for different reasons, don’t worry very much. There are adults who can’t imagine how the world will be in some decades. There are suspicious people, who know the figures but don’t believe the evidence and talk about war or epidemies as possible and drastic solutions for overpopulation.
Finally, there are deniers, those people who still have the courage to deny climate change’s existence, even while they are looking at the most severe drought in the last 50 years.
It’s true: the most cursory approach is also the most convenient one.

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