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Stories of ordinary non-democracy…

March 14, 2018
Last decades’ African history is full of facts characterized by the same mechanisms: powerful people making so that few of them seize the power and the leadership, an unbalanced distribution of those benefits coming from the sell-off of countries’ natural resources, local population in troubles, poverty rate which doesn’t decrease, a strong corruption at the basis of political power.
According to The Economist, today there is only one true and effective democracy: Mauritius, a little heaven on Earth in the middle of Indian Ocean.
The Economist’s ranking of politics and good governments, which takes into consideration the ability of creating a valid and recognized election course, the functioning of govern, the political participation and cultural and civil freedoms, shows us how African countries are badly affected. While Italy ranks 21st, Congo ranks 159th and Kenya 92nd – still above other African countries.
Always according to The Economist, 22 in 44 countries of sub – Saharan Africa are considered authoritarian regimes.
Apart from rankings, we have just to look at some local mechanisms to understand that in Africa democracy is in danger.
Lots of countries, from East to West Africa, are starting to be in line with modernity and democracy, despite their tribal and religious limits. Botswana, Namibia, Ghana and Mozambique are striving to improve their democracy and participation and it seems like something is slowly changing.

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