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Half of African people is under 20, and they are going to be jobless.

February 9, 2018
Africa’s future is young!
Graphs show that the continent’s population is likely to become a huge basin of working-age boys and girls. After 2060 the continent will host about 1.2 billion young adults, waiting to have their chance.
But they won’t have a job.
Because the development of robotics and of 4.0 industries will steal it from them.
Without this unstoppable trend, population’s exponential growth could have result in a new cheap manpower’s availability for those companies interested in outsourcing their activities.
But the speeding technological innovation is likely to drastically change this scenery: the automation of work will allow lots of productive realities to grow, avoiding recruiting new people. Robots will be responsible for night shifts and for most of those functions which, in a different context, could have created new non – qualified work opportunities, to employ the arriving young flows.
In 2050 the development of those innovations linked to big data and artificial intelligence will achieve its climax.
For young African people looking for a job, this will be a big shock.
A terrifying time overlapping!

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