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And then… why should we help them?

March 21, 2018
Despite the billions of moneys which have been spent in last years, in Africa people are still dying from starvation.
Therefore, lots of people wonder if helping is a reasoning option. This is another simple question, but it is impossible to find an easy answer. We will briefly try to find it.
On the one hand, we could say that we should help the ones in danger and the starving ones, for a humanitarian reason and a moral obligation. Citizens giving help following this logic are really useful, from billionaires like Bill Gates to those people simply distance adopting children. They are useful, but they’re not enough.
We must be brave enough – knowing demographic, unemployment and poverty rates – to state that helping Africa is useful, convenient and necessary for us to politically and economically survive.
If millions of immigrants can come to Europe, a war – which we will lose – against them would change our political, cultural and social structures, transforming us in inhuman, xenophobe, scared and poorer people.
We can already see some slight effects.
Therefore, helping is a great political – and not only human – necessity, and now it’s up to Politics, with a capital “P”, while citizens will keep on playing their part.
Anyway, in short, without Europe, Africa is “condemned”. And without a healed Africa, Europe is “condemned”.

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