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Migrating: the only way out.

January 10, 2018
In the coming weeks, we are going to talk about a hot topic: migrations. After the analysis of demographic and economic data, it was normal to wonder what these people will do, when forced to live an uncertain life: will they choose to stay in their countries, fighting for a job? Or will they be attracted by the globalization’s call and try to find a better future far from home?
Will they migrate, within Africa or abroad?
It’s not simple to answer these questions, but we will try to do so.
By analysing the phenomenon, studying its causes and considering possible strategies, and not only figures, which are useful only to give an indicative idea of what the future situation could be.
African citizens have an average per capita GDP of 5 dollars a day, while wealth concentration curve is very high, and inequality is commonplace. 60% of population is made of young people, who are often unemployed and have attended schools, speak two languages, use their smartphones and inform themselves about the world.
A working-age boy will only need to look another way, at other African countries or at Europe, to look for a hope for his future.
It will be hard not to imagine crossing the sea, trying to reach one of those countries, which are richer, need migrants and offer more opportunities.
And the rage European citizens throw on migrants’ arrivals seems to be the symptom of a dissatisfaction towards a world that can hardly be understood, and which grows following standards which are very different from those imagined.
European poor people versus world’s poor people: having an enemy is always convenient. Especially for people ruling other people…

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