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The Crisis of Western World: Some Solutions.

November 14, 2018
After my reasoning out about western world’s crisis, I wondered if it could be stopped and I thought about some solutions.
In an ideal world and with wise politicians, some redistributive taxation should be implemented, as The Economist – which by now is a “communist” magazine – suggests when talking about the future’s liberal manifesto. And if The Economist states this, it is not a matter of revolution. It is a necessity which everyone is aware about.
Lots of economists – such as Stiglitz and Pikketty – are suggesting solutions in terms of progressive taxation for the wealthiest deciles and for the famous 1% of the world, along with a more progressive payment of public services’ costs.

The political rearrangement of work is another important matter: we are talking about strategies to rule the gig and the robot economy. We will need fantasy and innovation to suggest the way out to future technologic proletariat.
Because of this new taxation, which would give money to governments, the poorest classes should receive something, through citizen’s incomes and other actions to support them. There should be new investments in education – especially for those belonging to the lowest deciles – and new implements to lowest salaries.
Another ideal necessity should be that – and what an amazing thing to say it! – of organizing new methods of welcoming immigrants, which western world – especially Europe – needs to stop its decreasing demography. Western countries are too old, and their birth rates are so low that in a few-year time the workforce won’t be able to produce enough to support its country. In short, the only possible solution is welcoming, so that European countries can grow thanks to their own strength.
Finally, there is Europe’s enforcement. Europe is an aged and bureaucratic institution, creating neither enthusiasm nor hope. But thank goodness it exists! With no Europe existing as a unique block in the globalized world, we would be all eaten alive.
Then, let’s support this aged Europe! And Euro, which keeps us safe.
To be continued…

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