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Exploding evidences: demography

December 18, 2017
Let’s start with this blog’s name: Exploding Africa.
I wanted to define Africa as “exploding” because this word has a double meaning – something that can be very successful or something that can explode.
This is Africa. Exploding. The part of it that could deflagrate is big.
So big that it tips the analysis’ scales in favour of pessimism.
Why? Because of some exploding evidences, which we are going to analyse from the end of January onwards.
But let me introduce these evidences.
The first one is its demographic growth.
Today it has 1.1 billion inhabitants, in 2050 they will be 2.5 billion and in 2100 4.3 billion.
An alarming growth that, at the end of this century, will lead to 4 in 10 world’s inhabitants being Africans.
Against 4 Asiatic people, 1 white person and 1 South American.
As a little more than a half of today’s African population is less than 20 years old, at a rate of 5 children for each couple, we are logically going to reach these proportions. When I talk about figures, people are astonished, shrug their shoulders and deny the facts – an epidemy will
be enough, they will use contraception, it will take so many years…
The Ebola epidemy caused 4,000 deaths. Nothing. Only 1 in 10 women knows what contraception is. From a demographic point of view, one hundred years are nothing, trends are on their way and are unstoppable.
With natural resources, globalization of goods and money, climate change and technological revolution, demography is one of the so-called “development pillars”, that is one of those elements whose evolution has consequences on the future of each single country and of the world.
We can’t ignore the impressive figures of Africa, which are going to affect Europe and the world.

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