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Italian soldiers in Niger to stop migrations. Hope or doubts?

December 28, 2017
Before Christmas, Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni announced that a military mission was going to be effective in Niger soon.
He said: “We have to continue to work, concentrating our attention and energies on the threat of people trafficking and terrorism in the Sahel. For this reason, part of our forces in Iraq will be deployed to Niger in coming months – this is the proposal the government will make to Parliament to defeat human trafficking and terrorism. We have had an important role in the battle against terrorism and we have made it for international solidarity and to protect our national interests”.
“We are satisfied – Italian Premier added – with Sophia mission, which could find 130 traffickers and stop almost 600 boats carrying human beings, and with being constantly present to save human lives”.
Gentiloni affirmed he was proud of Italy being so generous, ready to save human lives, and of our country achieving extraordinary goals concerning enslavement, thanks to the mission, which could train people helping Libyan authorities to better control their borders.
His declaration is confirming Minister Minniti’s work. Camps and migrations’ routes must be closed before coming into Lybia.
This plan to face migrations aims to reduce sea’s crossings and to stop trucks and groups going to Sahel from Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone e from a part of Senegal.
Two months ago, Niger and Ciad agreed to this plan during the meeting with French, Italian and German Prime Ministers and with other European leaders.
Today Gentiloni is announcing the Italian mission.
We hope they are going to create and control suitable welcome centres and to organize humanitarian repatriations.
We have to hope. And to doubt, too.

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