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Megalopolis and their challenges in 21st century.

December 29, 2017
An expanding and moving megalopolis, where the expression “traffic jam” is commonplace.
Although Kenyan capital is a main centre in East Africa, its people haven’t seen big government’s interventions in urban mobility for years. This is an emergency which should be faced shortly, seen the growing population, the widening middle class and, consequently, the increase in the number of cars.
Only thanks to Chinese intervention, Nairobi has now a bypass surrounding the city.
There’s one thing that’s certain: African cities will undergo a demographic boom and will become some of the most populated in the world. In 2100, Lagos (Nigeria) will be the first city in the world for population, hosting 88 million inhabitants. Because of drought and poverty, lots of people are going to move from countryside to big cities and, because of lack of services and assistance, 70% of urban population will concentrate in slums, where people live in metal-sheets shacks, with no access to medical assistance, water, light, education, basic hygiene conditions.
In order to survive human beings’ pressure of next years, African cities will have to face seven challenges concerning some important development’s elements: food security, water security, energy supply, waste management, external shocks, health and sanitation, slums.
And maybe they will face them in a creative way, as only Africa can do.
Facing big goals, this continent provides minimum innovations, which together could reach unbelievable levels.
These innovations could be the African answer to structured projects of world‘s big institutions.

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