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White people in danger. If Mr Fontana had not been so racist… he would have been right!

January 16, 2018
Mr Fontana tried to justify his unacceptable racist attack to immigrants by making some statements, which describe the future.
It seems like he has just read “Exploding Africa”, my last book.
The extinction of white people is not immediate, and it won’t happen before Lombardy’s next elections.
But it is a matter of fact that white people are going to decrease in the coming decades.
In 2100, only 1 in 10 world’s people is going to be white. The others are going to be black (4 in 10), Asiatic (4 in 10) and south American (1 in 10). Almost 1 in 11 billion people on Earth are going to be white and they are going to live mostly in Europe, USA and Australia.
Anyway, Mr Fontana forgot to say that this little group of white people owns and will own almost 80% of world’s wealth.
Almost extinct, but alive, very old and very rich!

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