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Hope vs nightmare.

January 12, 2018
Western people often have a distorted perception of Africa, and sometimes it is completely wrong.
It is often the image of a hostile place, in that “south of the world” which is difficult to locate and where diseases, poverty, chaos and armed conflicts reign. These images are created because of, on the one hand, Africa’s inability to talk about its peculiar characteristics and its talents, on the other hand, the superficiality western people show when talking about Africa.
Nowadays, the image of Africa is poverty.
African leaders will have to provide valid contents and real proposals to work on Africa’s image and improve it before foreign countries’ eyes.
Although the continent has always been out of globalization’s and supranational movements’ mechanisms, new regional and interregional organizations are starting to emerge and are becoming international interlocutors, enforcing Africa’s position in the world and creating that federalism which could be important to break a too huge continent into smaller pieces.
We will try and make two different predictions for Africa’s future: a negative one, where Africa could become a nightmare, for itself and for Europe, and a positive one, where the continent will start a virtuous process towards a sustainable development – and we will see how.
Anyway, Africa’s future will be crucial for the entire world, and especially for Europe and Italy.

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