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Italian soldiers in Niger. Right or wrong?

January 18, 2018
We talked about it last December, when Mr Gentiloni stated that some Italian soldiers would be sent to Niger.
In that occasion, I said I had some doubts about the mission and now, while reading news and comments, I keep on wondering whether our government’s initiative is right or wrong.
It is right, because it restricts migrants coming from Niger. It prevents migrants from being forced into Libyan terrifying camps – which are worse than dying in the middle of the sea. It helps French soldiers with their military mission in Sahel, creating a politic credit, protecting our oil interests in Libya and avoiding a diplomatic crisis.
It is wrong, because it is like taking an aspirin to heal a cancer. It doesn’t follow an economic plan – and I’m not talking about a Marshall Plan, that would be great –  that could be serious and controlled, prospecting that country’s future’s consolidation. 20 million inhabitants now, 70 million people in 2050, € 800 as year per capita GDP, 5 children for each family, on average.
One of the poorest countries in the world.

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