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“CONGO IS HEADING BACK TO HELL”. This week’s The Economist’s cover. This is news!

February 21, 2018
If The Economist dedicates its cover to an event or a phenomenon, we must take it seriously.
This week the British magazine talks about the situation in Congo. There is no real news, but the magazine wants to analyse one of the most terrible situation in Africa.
After the depletion and Mobutu’s ten-year robbery, the Kabilas are continuing the tradition and the civil war. The count of dead people in Congo, from 2003 till now, varies from one to five million. Unprecise figures, as nobody has never counted the corps. Here is an almost precise element: about 4 million people had to leave their houses because of war.
This is a genocide without a genocide, moving along with an everlasting robbery of country’s raw materials, which neighbour countries have earned money on. From Ruanda to Angola, to Zimbabwe and Uganda.
The political situation keeps on being stuck and hopeless. Kabila junior should have resigned, but he hasn’t held elections. Since last year.
But as what’s happening in Kinshasa isn’t interesting for international markets and doesn’t affect economical situations, world keeps on staring and doesn’t care about it. The fact that The Economist cares about telling the world “which counts” about this situation is important and makes us believe that we are looking at Africa with a greater interest. If we look at all articles on other magazine and newspapers about Zuma and Ramaphosa’s seizure of power, in an apparently democratic atmosphere, and at articles about Ethiopian Prime Minister’s resignation, we can affirm that something is moving.
We hope that communication media will keep on talking…

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