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Africa’s first politic victim: Italy.

March 6, 2018
Africa has politically knocked Italy out.
Salvini triumphing in the North and Movimento 5 Stelle succeeding in the South are the results of Italian people fearing immigrations, of immigrants begging in the streets, of the scaring competition on the job market.
Since 1989, when 20,000 Albanian people landed on Apulian coasts, this has been the first time that migrations have had a real political role.
And this has happened without establishment’s parties noticing about it and without Europe taking our government’s fears seriously – despite Mr. Minniti’s actions.
Migrations towards Italy, especially those coming from Africa, which are still smaller than future’s ones, lit the fuse of resent and pulled the trigger of rebellion.
In last years, millions of Italian people have undergone the globalization’s pressure and have become poorer and hopeless about their future. Our middle class has paid the bill of Asia’s development, in a world which can’t manage to grow. As in communicating vessels, while Asia “rises”, the others “fall down”. And lots of Italian people have gone down.
But what has really worsened these fears – which are real and justified and which became clearer during elections – is represented by migrations of poor people, fleeing from situations which are a thousand times worse than the worst of all situations in Italy. But this is it.
This global phenomenon green-lighted Mr. Trump, then Brexit and then the unnatural hugs between left and right wings in Germany and in Spain.
And now… here he comes: Mr. Salvini.

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