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Movimento 5 Stelle attacks France: what a farce!

January 28, 2019
Even if it has been more than a week, I would like to talk about the CFA Franc and Mr. Di Maio’s opinions about it. I believe that a serious discussion is necessary.
“Migrations from Africa are caused mostly by Macron and his banks in Africa!”. This was the statement by Di Maio and Mr. Dibba.
It is not enough to say that these are unbelievable declarations. This is an extreme and ridiculous fantasy. It is true that you always need to have an enemy, but in this case the choice was sudden and reasons for it were ludicrous.
Just a few words about data: Africa – and I mean the entire continent, from north to south – has a GDP that is smaller than that of France. 14 countries – in 54 – have been using the French colonies’ Franc (CFA) since De Gaulle and have a GDP which is worth 10% of that of Africa.
These countries are extremely poor. Except for Cote D’Ivoire, Senegal and Cameroon, these countries are desperate. They are rich in population but poor in money, with a pro-capita GDP that is under the African average, that is, less than $ 1,800 a year and $ 5 a day. CFA Franc allowed some of these countries to avoid having a 1000% inflation, like it happened in Zimbabwe. For some other countries the Franc has maybe slowed down economic development.
However, everyone can decide to leave the club and start to have their own currency. But nobody does it, even now that the currency has been devalued.
These are facts. So, why did “our heroes” make this kind of statements?
Because they wanted to define their official line about migrations, pressed by daily attacks about it by Salvini – which obtains a bunch of Likes on social media – and considering their electors’ line, which is less inhuman than that of Lega.
To create an original line – after a journey by car towards Strasburg and a chat with Mr. Casaleggio – “experts” indicate:
  1. To have an enemy. And as they don’t give a damn about how important the matter is compared to the aim of having more votes at next European elections, they have chosen Macron and France, that now is one of the biggest importers of Italian industry.
  2. To fight against some thousands of poor people, who are dying in front of Italy’s and Europe’s indifference – Sea Watch’s 47 immigrants have been on newspapers’ page as an example of Italian government’s inhumanity.
And thank goodness Movimento 5 Stelle says they are by poor people’s side!

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