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Al Serraj, Salvini and 800,000 Immigrants

April 23, 2019
Last week, Fayez Al Serraj was interviewed by Italian newspaper La Repubblica. He attacked General Haftar and said that 800,000 immigrants – some of them being unemployed Isis terrorists – were ready to leave Libya to reach Italy. This statement was immediately confirmed by Italian Minister of Interior, who broadcasted the news on social networks, radio stations and newspapers, warning Italian people about this great danger.
The day after, in order to make Italians feel safer – because we are scared, but only because of him! – he signed a directive to close our harbors, prevent boats from helping every single rubber raft in danger in Mediterranean Sea and to order the terrible NGOs – which are, in their opinion, the real foreign fighters’ allies – not to save anyone.
Foreign fighters and the famous 800,000 immigrants didn’t complain about this directive. But other people did: first, Italian Minister of Defence, Mrs. Trenta, who denounced Mr. Salvini’s interference; then, Italian army’s and navy’s generals; and finally, Luigino (Di Maio), who affirmed that you cannot stop 800,000 people by signing a directive.
War is open inside Italian government and it’s leaving dead and injured people behind it.
In the meanwhile, a junior minister from Lega was caught dead to rights and it seems like the Mayor of Rome, Mrs. Virginia Raggi, ordered her managers to make some little changes in their balance sheets. The war has moved from Libya to Rome, and it’s a war fought on social networks with granades, missiles and guns. About the 800,000 immigrants and the famous foreign fighters, nobody has talked anymore.
Let’s try and think about it: if there were 800,000 people in danger – and knowing what he does with immigrants in his “welcoming centres”-, what do you think Mr. Al Serraj would do? Obviously, he wouldn’t send them to Italy. He probably would use them as a human wall against Haftar or – if he wanted to be merciful – he would recruit them in his army.
Do you think he would put them on boats – seen their quantity, about 800 medium-size boats – and send them to our coasts to save them? Do you think he wants to save them – especially foreign people among them – from Libyan fratricidal war?
You can think anything you want, but I believe that the number suggested by Al Serraj and then confirmed by Salvini has too many zeros. And in facts, some days ago, Al Serraj was interviewed again – he is managing a war, isn’t he? – and suggested a smaller number.
If the war in Libya was not a severe matter, I would think that – as it often happens nowadays – it was a farce, once again.

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