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December 12, 2017
In these years, Africa has been on newspapers’ pages, in lots of people’s minds and one of governments’ worries, especially because of migrations, one of the most scaring and discussed subjects in last years.
Therefore, Africa is current affairs. We talk a lot about it, but we know little about it.
With this blog, I would like to make Africa real, not only for its past, but especially for its future, through an analysis which is based on recent data and accurate projections.
What are we going to talk about?

About its demography. Today it has 1.2 billion inhabitants, in 2050 they will be 2.5 billion – that is twice as much –  and in 2100 4.3 billion, that is fourfold: an explosion of people, almost 4 in 10 world’s inhabitants. No continent has ever grown so much in so little time.
About poverty, which is the image of Africa. More than 70% of African people, especially in sub-Saharan areas, live on less than 1 dollar a day. And the situation won’t improve.
About the economic non-growth. Today Africa is less worth than France, its citizens’ per capita income is 1,800 euros and won’t turn into a two-figure number, as that of Asia. Africa is risking being condemned not to make its population rich.
About urbanization. Today only 30% of people live in towns, but tomorrow 70% of them will live there, most of them inside slums, creating infernal and unliveable cities.
About work, or better, lack of work. Today 60% of young people is jobless, but tomorrow robotics will take away non-qualified work’s future and unemployment will risk increasing.
About lack of services – from infrastructure to health, from retirements to public transports – and lack of a skilled political class. 54 nations, lots of dictatorships, lots of countries governed by corruption and inefficiency, lots of inefficient governments.
About the fact that Africa is very rich. Rich in raw materials, in arable land, in sun and wind and water as renewable energies, in local modern technology, in creativity, which could make the continent grow.
The risk that negative explosions could prevail can result in a furious and huge immigration, in lots of new terroristic hotbeds and in a poverty’s humanitarian tragedy.
Europe lies opposite to this powder keg and this possible nightmare and has a real political problem: it should plan a strategic “adoption” of Africa, investing in a strong industrial collaboration and avoiding all random helps. In the first place, there is Italy, living at this nightmare’s doors.
If Africa collapses, it will politically take Europe down with it. This blog is meant to be a first attempt to start a debate.

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