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June 22, 2018
Western countries have found their enemy: the migrant.
In Europe and USA an atmosphere of evil, of crass racism, of fear of the different, a willing of closing ourselves, is spreading.

Children closed in fences by Trump, Orban’s unconstitutionality, Salvini’s statements, CSU German minister blackmailing about the secondary movement. All symptoms and symbols of a wealthy world which is scared by the poorest one, which is refusing free circulation of people and products, which is hoping that 19th century will come back. All symbols of a political class which fears to lose the elections.
In these days, Europe – the most scared and the most divided of all continents – must find some solutions to migrations. And the best solution of all would be a long-term plan to face an unbelievable emigration, caused by the terrifying Africa’s demographic growth.
But then, what is Europe doing?
It is cheating nations, promising that it will create Hot Spots, promising, in a word, ridiculous plans or immediate aspirins, hoping to survive.
Mrs. Merkel, who has been a giantess during the Syrian crisis, is now using schemes to tame her minister, who fears the defeat in Bavaria, giving concessions to Visograd group and a little gift to Italian Prime Minister, Mr. Conte.
But going back to Italy, a sensitive person would wonder why this atmosphere of “hunting the migrant” is spreading. Are many more migrant coming to Italy?
The answer is “No, they aren’t”. Less migrants are. The landings have decreased from 70,000 to 15,000 in the first six months of the year, because of Libyan hot spots and the payment to local tribes – because of Mr. Minniti. Asylum seekers have decreased from 130,000 in 2017 to 31,000 until June 15th (source: Italian Ministero degli Interni).
Despite these figures, in Italy an endemic condemnation to migrations is spreading as never before, supported by racist and pounding communications.
But whom is this trick of mirrors benefiting? Only Mr. Salvini, who is using migrants and Europe in a shameless and “electoralistic” way, to charm his electors, to make Movimento 5 Stelle look bad and, last but not least, to plan the government’s fail and cause new political elections, when Mr. Conte will be dismissed and he will become Prime Minister.
He is trying to do all these things using a great manipulating strategy.
We don’t know if he will make it, but it’s doubtless that he is trying to do it.
Ps: among all Salvini’s provocations, he is right when he says that Mare Nostrum belongs to Europe, not only to Italy. If Salvini wins this game in Brussels, it will be a good thing for us and for Europe.

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