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June 15, 2018
The storm caused by Aquarius was politically foreseeable. That Salvini would create a European political case about immigration was as obvious as morning after dark. That he would do it so early was not so predictable.
Anyway, he didn’t look forward to showing Movimento 5 Stelle’s political inability and so he gave his first strike, causing victims in this fragile and beaten Europe.
Mr. Sanchez, the new Spanish president, exploited this situation and, after years of close harbours, he said: “Ok, we are going to welcome Aquarius with its 600 immigrants”. Now these immigrants are wandering in the Mediterranean Sea and Spain doesn’t know where to place them. But it doesn’t matter. In the meantime, he is acquiring a good reputation in Europe and among his electors.
Mrs. Merkel, pushed by her Bavarian minister, neighbour of Austria – which is an almost fascist country – whispered that Italy has been helped too little. But she has been the chief of Europe for 20 years.
Mr. Macron called us “pokey” and he wasn’t careful, as France has beaten women and children in Ventimiglia, ignored the request of welcoming a certain number of immigrants, closed its harbours. The young French president has made himself look bad, allowing all his opponents to do a number on him.
And then Mr. Junker, searching in his own pockets, stated that he actually has some more money. All among chaotic declarations, which are likely to be found in a book of jokes.
Now that Mr. Macron has spitted his “Je m’excuse”, let’s see what remains:
  • Europe is broken, fragile and scared. The way in which it will face the stock market and Trump’s pressure is frightening all people who love it. On the other hand, all this chaos shows that Europe exists and that it is chaotically alive.
  • Salvini is running as a skilled athlete towards political and European elections, trying to crush his government. Maybe he would like to do so and then blame 5 Stelle for it, accusing them of being naive and incapable and creating other cases about immigration and Europe, which is the source of all evils – and in this moment, doing this would be very simple and obvious.
  • Africa – whose GDP is less worth than that of France, with 75% of its people living on less than 1 dollar a day, divided into 54 unimportant countries, but with a population growing from 1.2 to 4.3 billion in 80 years – has caused this chaos without meaning it. And it is going to create similar chaotic situations in the future.
  • Immigration from Africa is unstoppable. Paying Libyan tribes – which earn money from us and from poor unaware migrants, which they keep imprisoned in unbelievable jails, where a European person would not enclose neither his own dog – is not enough. It has been a temporary and cynical action. A political action. Immigration – and this I can state with no doubts – is unstoppable, unless Europe creates a serious, expensive and shared plan – but seen recent European attitude… we must forget it.
So, this is an everlasting story. And in the end, even if Salvini would create a new government based on Italian people’s fears, it is clear that he will be crushed by immigration’s rubble. They can shout, talk tough and solve the problem, let’s say, for a year; but then, if people keep on coming from Africa, nobody will trust them.
In conclusion: they can exploit this human tragedy and all kinds of Aquarius which will appear on the horizon for some years, but then this way of governing based on “I’m going to get rid of immigrants” will go into pieces, as immigration, without a European plan, is not going to stop.
Another thing to conclude: by 2024, when maybe the existence of right wing parties has come to an end, Africa will have 300 million children more than now, and a population of 1.5 billion people, younger but poorer. And figures confirm it:

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