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The last step against urbanization and my conclusions.

September 14, 2018
Anyway, the most important goal to achieve in the African way is reducing urbanization. Today it is reaching high levels, creating infernal cities. In 2050, almost 2 billion people would live in main African cities, with no urbanistic development and in an unsustainable poverty we have already described.
It will be necessary that African governments try and reduce urban immigration.
Therefore, we must wonder: why do people move to big cities? Because they think they’ll find jobs, they’ll improve their future, they’ll give a future to their children. All is linked to future generations’ wellness.
But in cities this job they dream of doesn’t exist: cities are not industrialized, and they won’t be like, because industrial revolution is over. Therefore, services could be a way to find a job, but they are not so modern, and they would need trained and educated people managing them.

And then?
First of all, it is essential to choose the African way: in the world everything is urbanized, every report tells us this and everybody does it. But there are countertendencies and Africa could be the greatest countertendency of all.
These six steps I thought about – creation of federations, use of renewable energies, development of agriculture, exploitation of underground riches, made-in-Africa technology and decreasing urbanization – are only examples of how a continent full of people and problems could achieve an internal sustainable development and support its 4 billion people.
Is it a prediction which can come true? Maybe it is, but a realistic person could think that the first prediction – the nightmare – is the most probable.
However, history doesn’t work this way and future is always shocking.
As we have already seen, Europe could “adopt” Africa and then the match will be better played and will have a better referee. Africa itself could find its own way towards development, maybe not for all its inhabitants, but surely for some of them. Maybe creating federation blocks. Some of them running faster, others slower. China could increase its real and targeted helps to Africa.
Anyway, in short, the two predictions which I have intentionally introduced as antithetical could just mixed up, creating situations and solutions which today are unbelievable.
My goal is only that of showing readers and followers data and reflections so that they could understand the political and economic danger of this giant lying on our threshold.
We’d better be aware of it.

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